National Conference of Ecology

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Period : (1900-01-01) – (1900-01-01)

Built as a performing professional organization, Romanian Ecological Society (RES / SRE) proposed itself to become a forum of debate, clarification, evaluation and synthesis of information and knowledge regarding complex problems that result from dynamic relations between components of natural capital and those of socio-economical systems. In this context, the National Conference of Ecology, “Protection and restoration of bio and eco-diversity” organized at Mamaia, in 11th-14th of October 2007 aimed at:  

-Promotion of Ecology as a science which approaches the  structural and functional complexity defining “nature, environment and human society”;
-Informing and debating new prioritary directions in the field of Ecology, education and management in ecology;
-Building a forum of debate in which RES members will check and consolidate their experience;
-The opportunity of developing work teams between RES and different institutions, members of society having a catalytic role;
-Orientation of future members activities, but also the activities of the institutions they belong to, through the specific problems that have been debated; 
– Posibility of enroling new RES members. 

The Conference, organized with financial support from British Ecological Society (BES) and from the National Authority of Scientific Research (Romania), gathered specialists (researchers, graduated specialists from pre-universitary and universitary education, managers, consultants, etc.) from different scientific and practical domains of ecology, members or non-members of RES, that presented, according to their expertise and scientific and own practical results, a large scale of specific problems on which depend the achievement of conservation / protection objectives and restoration of bio and eco-diversity in Romania.    

The papers presented at the Conference show multiple problems: 

-Evaluation of conceptual and analitical models used in practice and research of ecology, of scientific knowledge and practical accumulation of expertise, and also evaluation of gaps and limitations in database and managerial practice;
-Valuation of information, knowledge and practical expertise from different domains of theoretical and applied ecology, and communcation / dissemination of these as oriented and accesibile products to a large scale of users; 
-Promotion of Ecology as multi and transdisciplinary science, of which scientific and practical products have the key role in substantiation of politics and measures of protection and restoration of bio and eco-diversity, respective in the process of adaptation  to climate change and assurance of sustainable development in ecology;
-Identification and debate of performant ways of forming and perfecting the human resource capable of developing or using knowledge and practical expertise and formal and non-formal education from/in the field of ecology. 

Through its structure and its content, this conference is built like one of the vectors of promotion and transfer of scientific products and practical experience, from multi and transdisciplinary domanins of Ecology and Sustainable Development, in decisional cycles and in international scientific flux? and contributes to the development of  evaluation, promotion and action capacity in the sense of variation and growth of eficiency means and communication and information ways on knowledge, experience and practical expertise from the field of theoretic and applied Ecology, and that of forming the expert human resource and public education. 
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