Environmental analysis with applications in urbanism and landscape architecture

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Petrisor A.I., 89 pp.
Editura Universitara “Ion Mincu” Bucharest, June 2007

 The complexity of sustainable development is manifest also in the instruments used to implement this concept in development policies and strategies. Each instrument originates in a different field – economy, law, engineering etc., and the book represents a
collection of such instruments. Taking into account the fact that the course “Environmental analysis” and its seminary (Departments of Urbanism and Landscape
Architecture, Faculty of Urbanism, “Ion Mincu” University of Architecture and Urbanism, Bucharest) represent a premiere, the need for a textbook is obvious. The book, including theoretical and applied elements of the methodology used in analyzing and
diagnosing environmental issues, environmental impact assessment, use of environmental engineering techniques and Geographical Information Systems, as well as the legislation on natural protected areas, attempts to support students interested to deeper understand the course and follow the thread of applying the methods they had already studied. A special attention is given to Geographical Information Systems, instruments applied to an increasing number of disciplines and rapidly developing in Romania; for these reasons, a special chapter presents in depth the theoretical background, and provides several application examples using ArcView GIS. The book also proposes several exercises, in order to stimulate students to apply the concepts they had already studied to solve real problems, taking a first step to the world waiting for them after graduation.

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