RES Presentation

RES Presentation

Romanian Ecological Society (RES / SRE) is a non-governmental organization, established in 1990, member of the European Ecological Federation, which gathers specialists from all domains of ecology. It promotes Ecology as a science which approaches the  structural and functional complexity defining “nature, environment and human society”, generating multi and trans disciplinary information, essential for understanding, adapting policies and development strategies and managing the complex relationships and processes existing in “nature” and human societies.

The key role of RES is that of being the interface between specialists and groups of specialists involved in practicing and applying the science of Ecology in Romania. This includes also:

a)      professional development of specialists in Ecology;

b)      a rigorous evaluation of the scientific product of RES and its members and

c)      promotion of the key role that the Ecology has regarding sustainable management of natural resources in Romania.

The development of RES is a continuous process, its purpose being enrolling members from all important university centers in the country, and including those professionals that are involved in environmental management from governmental and non-governmental Institutions.

The mission of RES is a complex one and integrates:

–         Education and improvement of the human resource in this field;

–         The development and implementation of a system that educates, informs, and communicates ecological knowledge and expertise in the sphere of the strategies, politics and decisions regarding the conservation and the durable use of biological and ecological diversity, natural resources, also focusing over the control and the reduction of the global changes’ impact by assuring a sustainable development.  The large number of scientific media chanelles that communicate theoretical and practical expertise in the discussed field encourages us to state that the development and the launching of at least one scientific publication, to be recognized as part of the international information exchange, may be a feasible objective, over a middle term;

–         Development, testing, validation and application of an efficient system in order to promote and protect professional expertise in the large field of “ecology / environment science”, a system that will also evaluate and certify experts.

In order to fulfill its role, the Romanian Ecological Society was given a grant of 46.000 pounds, over a period of 4 years (oct. 2006-oct. 2010), on behalf of the British Ecological Society, with the purpose of  over passing the most restrictive limits, which have appeared in the process of RES’ development and work.