RES proposes itself:

–      to organize conferences, workshops, debates on professional themes, research travels and any kind of action meant to contribute to the development of scientific research and to informing scientists in the field all over the country and abroad of major ecological issues;

–       to sustain by all mass-media means a continuous propaganda so as to form an ecological conscience and public opinion in favor of a healthier environment;

–      to constantly organize workshops, National and International Conferences of Ecology;

–      to affiliate to other international scientific societies, having similar objectives as those of RES;

–      to vividly collaborate with Romanian Academy and other scientific associations from Romania, with central institutions, with Superior Education Institutes,  Scientific Research Institutes, different NGO’s, as long as their purposes coincide with those of RES;

–       to participate through its members at national and international scientific manifestations;

–       to stimulate young researchers in the field of Ecology with grants, awards or facilitate scholarships offered by institutes, foundations;

–        to edit a scientific bulletin in order to disseminate the papers from the Society’s meetings and other manifestations organized by the society.