Who can be a RES member:

a)       Individual researcher members, didactic university staff, specialty high-school teachers, experts on problems of ecology and journalists in the field from the country or abroad, master students and PhD students in ecology.

b)       Collective members – organizations who’s constitution have similar scientific objectives as RES constitution.

c)       Honorific members – famous foreign experts in the field and famous romanians who have contributed in the domain of ecology and have brought major contributions to the theoretic and applied base development of ecology, which membership honors the society. They do not pay the annual fee.

a)      Election in the society will be done based on a written request and Curriculum Vitae in which the applicant presents his/her activity in the field of ecology. The request will be approved by Society’s Executive Committee. Honorific members are proposed by the Executive Committee and are approved by the General Assembly of the Society.

d)       The exclusion of any member is done only with ½+1 of the votes from the present members in the General Assembly, in the presence of the respective person, only if the person involved evades intended.

 The rights of RES members:

a)      to choose and be chosen in the leadership elections;

b)      to actively participate in the General Assembly’s and ay other national and international manifestation organized by RES, or to which RES participates;

c)      to publish scientific papers in RES’ journal;

d)      to collaborate in carrying out studies, expertise and ecological notification;

e)      to represent RES in other societies or organizations, but only after they receive a mandate for this purpose from the Society’s Executive Committee.

The obligations of RES members:

a)      to activate following RES constitution;

b)      to carry out the tasks entrusted by the Society;

c)      to regularly pay one’s fees; shouldn’t one pay on a one years period, the  member will automatically be excluded. The Executive Committee can approve remaining in the Society, if only the respective member has a well justified case. The person that was excluded can again be a member if following the Society’s rules of enrolling.  The quality of a member is proved with the membership card, on which the membership fee is up to date.