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You are invited to participate in the Sixth Symposium for European Freshwater Sciences (SEFS6), which will be held in Sinaia, Romania from 17th to 21st of August 2009. The Romanian Ecological Society and the University of Bucharest, particularly its department of Systems Ecology and Sustainability, have the pleasure to host it.

Previous Symposia for European Freshwater Sciences have been held in Antwerp (SEFS1: 1999), Toulouse (SEFS2: 2001), Edinburgh (SEFS3: 2003), Kraków (SEFS4: 2005) and Palermo (SEFS5: 2007). As in the more recent cases, SEFS6 is convened by the European Federation for Freshwater Sciences (EFFS – http:\\effsonline.org), in association with the Freshwater Biological Association (FBA – www.fba.org.uk) and in collaboration with the European freshwater and limnological Associations federated in EFFS.

The sixth Symposium for European Freshwater Sciences will be held at the Casino International Centre of Conferences in Sinaia, Romania. The theme of SEFS6 will be “Changes and opportunities for freshwater sciences in a changing climate”. There will be series of plenary sessions, reviewing current research in freshwater ecosystems and summarising a comprehensive range of freshwater issues. There will be sessions for offered oral and poster sessions, presenting recent and current research topics. We seek to bring together European scientists working on freshwater organisms, freshwater habitats and freshwater systems. Like previous SEFS meetings, special consideration is given to students and young scientists who are at the beginning of their careers: the Symposium is an ideal occasion to meet their colleagues and look for reciprocal inspiration, share knowledge, exchange experience and ideas about freshwater ecosystems in the broadest sense and…last, but not least, to have a nice time!

The Organizing Committee invites all European scientists and colleagues from other continents interested in working on pure and applied freshwater sciences, to participate in the SEFS6 Sinaia, Romania.

SEFS 6 Organizing Committee

  • Geta Risnoveanu (Romania)
  • Mike Dobson (UK)
  • Luigi Naselli-Flores (Italy)
  • Ioan Panzaru (Romania)
  • Colin S. Reynolds (UK)
  • Angheluta Vadineanu (Romania)

SEFS 6 Secretariat

Romanian Ecological Society
Schitu Magureanu nr. 1, etj 4
sector 5, Bucharest, Romania



Provisional Programme

Sunday 16. 08. 2009Registration, mounting posters and setting up of exhibitions stands
Welcome party
Monday 17.08.2009Welcome addresses and announcements
Lectures in plenary and parallel sessions
Tuesday 18.08.2009Lectures in plenary and parallel sessionsPoster session
Wednesday 19.08.2009Mid-symposium excursions
Thursday 20.08.2009Lectures in plenary and parallel sessionsPoster session
Friday 21.08.2009Lectures in plenary and parallel sessions/ half a daySymposium dinner
Saturday 22.08.2009Post-symposium excursions to Danube delta (3 or 5 days)


The symposium will take place in the Casino International Centre of Conferences in Sinaia (http://www.casino-sinaia.ro).. Inaugurated in 1913, the building is evocative of its casino days. During the 1930s, the Casino will was at its zenith, shadowing the fame of the Peles Castle itself. Special trains would bring players to Sinaia from all over the country and beyond. An impressive income accrued to the city, supporting its development. In 1947, the “social magnet” diminished when the Casino was closed for a very long period of time. From 1955, it was re-opened as a culture house. Today, with its spectacular past, with its uniquely elegant and stately architecture, and with the benefit of its recent renovations, the monument now re-opens its gates as an International Conference Center, inviting the success of all the events convened there!

The town of Sinaia (http://www.montania.ro/en_Sinaia_info.htm ) is situated on the Bucharest – Brasov railway. There are plenty of trains leaving from Bucharest North (Bucuresti Nord) station and the trip takes 1h30 to 2h. For a railway timetable, see www.cfr.ro. Bucharest North can easily be reached from Bucharest Henri Coanda (Otopeni) international airport by taking the RATB express bus 783 to Piata Victoriei or Piata Unirii underground stations, from which you need to take the subway to the ‘Gara de Nord’ station. More information about airport access is available here. Shuttle buses from the airport directly to Sinaia will be available during the symposium. The trip takes about 1h30.

Practical information

Currency : The local currency is Romanian Lei (RON).. On July 1st 2008, the exchange rates were 1 EUR = 3.64 RON and 1 US$= 2.3 RON. For various transactions and money exchange, we strongly recommend that you contact only authorized institutions, such as banks or exchange offices. Foreign exchange facilities are available at the Henri Coanda (Otopeni) International Airport, in the railway stations, and in most hotels in Sinaia. Bank opening hours: Monday to Friday: 9:00 AM to 5:00 PM, closed on weekends. Visitors are advised to bring cash with them, or to exchange some money when entering the country. Credit cards (VISA, MasterCard) and Traveller’s Cheques are accepted by most banks.

Language: whilst Romanian (a Latin family language) is spoken throughout Romania, you will easily find English speakers. Most of the hotel and restaurant staff speak English.

Electricity is supplied at 230 volts / 50 Hz.


July 15th, 2008: First announcement

September 1st, 2008: Second announcement with information on the application procedure.

November 1st, 2008: deadline for preregistration;

March 1st, 2009: deadline for receiving application and the abstracts through online application, early registration fee

June 1st, 2009: deadline for late registration fee

July 1st, 2009: cancellation with 90% refunded

August 1st, 2009: cancellation with 50% refunded

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